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Being a Client

We are different. One meeting with us and you will see that we are redefining the client-advisor relationship.

How do we do it? Simple. We listen more. We help you understand more. We reach out more. Your goals are our goals, and we take it very personally.

We listen more

First, you’ll notice that we listen. A lot. And we ask a lot of questions. That’s the best way for us to get to know you and your family, and truly understand your plans for your money and your future.

A well-designed investment plan reflects your goals and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. By asking the right questions, we can better determine the most effective solutions.

We help you understand more

Building the right portfolio is an essential part of what we do and the cornerstone of your financial success. But our responsibility to you goes further.

We make complex matters simple, with easy-to-follow information, in real words that you can understand.

We reach out more

We are part of your community and we stay in touch. When you work with us, you get big-firm benefits such as our online client portal, where you can log in any time to see all your assets in one place-including those we don’t personally manage. But you still get boutique service, so you can pick up the phone and talk to us any time.

And our difference goes deeper. We take the initiative. So don’t be surprised when we reach out to you. It’s because we’re thinking about you and your money-even when you’re not.

We take it personally.

Our goal is to deliver a level of service that’s more individual and more personal than the norm. And personal service is hard to describe because it’s… personal. It’s different for every client, because every client’s needs are different. Meeting those needs-for every client, every time-is how we define success.

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