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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no way we can address all of the questions that individuals might have when reviewing our website or thinking about a meeting with a Financial Advisor. These are just a few that we hear on a regular basis. If you have specific questions, please call us or email us. Our primary concern is to get you the information you need to make sound decisions about your future.

Q: Is Sloan Financial Group limited to specific investment companies?

A: No. We believe that each investor is unique and no single investment company is right for everyone. We use a large variety investment companies and investment types and work with each client individually to find the products and programs that best suit their needs.

Q: I already have a financial planner. Why do I need to see someone at Sloan?

A: Eighty percent of the people who come to us already have a financial planner. A meeting with Sloan is simply a sound move to take a detailed look at your current situation, and to get a second opinion to ensure that your investments match your goals. This is a complementary consultation.

Q: Who would benefit from a meeting?

A: Anyone who has questions about their investment strategy, is in need of a strategy, or just wants a second opinion on their current strategy. The most common areas of concern and interest are:

  • How can I earn more money on investments and pay fewer taxes.
  • How can I maximize my retirement income and pay less tax on Social Security.
  • How can I ensure that my assets are protected from excess taxes at the time of my death, and my family benefits fully from those assets.

Q: How do I schedule a time to visit with someone at Sloan Financial?

A: We can meet with you in Clover or Charlotte. Simply call or email us and our Scheduling Coordinator will set up a place and time that best fits your schedule.

Q: What are my obligations after my first face-to-face visit?

A: None. There is never a charge or obligation. And, the next steps will be entirely up to you.

Q: What should I bring to our first meeting?

A: To provide the best service and recommendation, we need a view to your current financial situation. The following list will help you gather the documents we use to give you the best assessment and recommendation:

  • Financial account statements (bank accounts, retirement accounts including 401(k), 403(b), etc), life insurance, annuities or any other documents that speaks to your financial assets.
  • A copy of your home & auto declaration page. These help us to determine if you have any exposure to financial liabilities that might arise from accident plus we will be able to see if our insurance center can save your money on this coverage.
  • A copy of last year’s Tax Return if possible.
  • Any information relating to your concerns.
  • Any questions you may have or want to discuss.

Q: What goes on at an initial meeting?

A: We will analyze your current financial situation by reviewing your financial documents, and then by talking with you and asking specific questions we will be able to determine your needs and goals.

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