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Medicare 101 - Understanding the Basics

Medicare 101 - Understanding the Basics

If you're new to Medicare, or thinking about making a change during open enrollment, this webinar will help you understand the choices.Join us as we cover the ABCs, and D, of Medicare.During this webinar we will cover:
  • How Medicare works and what it costs
  • Which parts of Medicare you need
  • How, where and when to enroll in Medicare to avoid penalties
  • What Medicare covers and what it doesn’t cover
  • How Medicare coordinates with supplemental coverage to pay your "cost-share"
Social Security

Social Security

5 things you need to know to potentially optimize your benefits.

  • Over 60 million Americans receive Social Security benefits totaling over $1 trillion in benefits annually
  • The average monthly retirement benefit is $1,503
  • For 61% of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security provides the majority of their cash income

Join us for a look at the top five things you need to know that may help maximize your lifetime benefits.

Source: Social Security Factsheet 2020

Preserving Your Net Worth

Preserving Your Net Worth

You've spent you life accumulating and have built up assets to help ensure a comfortable retirement. You may feel like you've made it. It's like you are in the ninth inning and you’re up by four runs. But you haven’t won the game just yet. In fact, you could still lose. 

Join us as Mike Bono of Sloan Financial discusses four key areas of financial planning that help ensure your assets are protected and preserved.
When to Retire

When to Retire

Retirement is a big decision. Along with marriage, divorce, having children, and moving, it is one of the biggest life transitions you'll encounter.

Research shows the happiest retirees start planning at least five years before their desired retirement date. Unfortunately, too many wait until the last minute, such as when their company offers an early-retirement package, when they are forced to because there are no other good options, or when they have simply had enough and want to say "I quit!"                                                                                                                              

Deciding when to retire is scary. Start planning long before you have to and join us for a look at the financial factors that can impact a retirement at various ages.

Special Note: The actual program starts about 3 minutes into the video.