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We are a Trusted ChoiceTM Independent Agency offering Personal Lines Insurance products for clients in NC and SC. We consider competitively priced products and responsible property and liability coverage to be the first step in protecting your financial assets. By listening, educating and comparing "apples to apples" coverage, we can better assist you with your insurance needs.


Are you ready to retire? Are you confident you will be able to pay the bills? If retirement seems like it’s years away, don’t you want to be prepared? Many people aren’t aware that life insurance can do more than just protect your family in case you die. Life insurance can actually help you reach your retirement goals so you and your spouse can enjoy your golden years with less worry. At Sloan Financial Group, we can help you make the following smart choices when buying life insurance:

  • How much to buy
  • Which type of product to buy
  • Which one of the hundreds of life insurance companies to choose

Life insurance can play a vital and valuable role at virtually every stage of your life. Let us show you how life insurance can help:

  • Your spouse or children pay off debts and taxes after your death
  • Allow your family to maintain its standard of living
  • Support your family’s goals and dreams
  • Provide immediate access to cash

Certain types of life insurance also may serve as:

  • A supplement for your retirement income
  • A funding vehicle for a college education, starting a business, an emergency, or buying a second home


Considering the significant effect the costs of long-term care could have on your retirement, you should consult with our experienced professionals about including it as part of your retirement strategy. Though you may never need long-term care insurance, you don’t want to risk depleting your retirement nest egg if you do.


Our agents can also provide you with sound information regarding Medicare supplements. When Medicare just isn’t enough, we can show you how to take care of the things that Medicare doesn’t.